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Our innovative cardiovascular device 

Certain cardiac procedures require patient’s blood to be exposed to artificial surfaces and dead tissues. When blood is exposed to these things the immune system's complement pathway is activated. The alternative complement pathway (AP) is also activated and causes an inflammatory responses. Harmful proteins from this inflammatory response can render a patient's blood biocompatible and cause complications when the blood is returned to the body.

Our cardiovascular device InflamminTM is intended to convert the blood into a form that resists AP activation during cardiac procedures. Our preliminary data demonstrates that Inflammin is a potent, highly target specific inhibitor of the alternative complement pathway. Inflammin binds properdin and blocks the AP pathway upstream and prevents activation of neutrophils, monocytes and platelets. Properdin is a component of the alternative complement pathway and is a killer protein that is indirectly responsible for the activation of neutrophils, monocytes and platelets. Based on these unique properties of the Inflammin, we are developing a device in which bead-conjugated Inflammin would bind the bad protein present in blood and as a result it would remove this harmful protein. Our preliminary data is very strong and suggests that a cardiac device can be developed which removes inflammatory complications from cardiac procedures.

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